Children and Infants

Teatime can be a great way to introduce children to a new culture. We encourage parents to bring their little ones in to try this new experience. We do ask that our teatime be for ages 8 and up. However, we will make exceptions for private after hours parties (call for details). The reasons for this age requirement are for their safety and your enjoyment. Children and infants under the age of eight tend to (not always) have difficulty staying in one place for too long and have trouble controlling the tone of their voice. We have to think about the consideration of all our guests and this is why we have the age restriction we do. Please understand this is not to make anyone feel unwelcome, rather to ensure all of our guests have peace of mind when coming to our tearoom that they will not have to worry about the possibility of an unhappy baby or child. We want each and every guest to have a truly memorable and peaceful experience. Thank you for your understanding.