Our Caviar 

Kaluga Hybrid Reserve

The Royal Union of the Kaluga and Shassetra sturgeons makes for an exceptional caviar, celebrated the world over for its beautifully balanced flavor. A visual stunner, the Kaluga Hybrid Reserve has a deep and shimmery jade-like coloring and is known for its distinct, mild flavor. The palate fills with creamy and buttery flavors with each individual grain.
The high quality caviar is often referred to as river beluga and is the among highest quality you can purchase in the USA.

  • Flavor: Mild and buttery
  • Size: Very large
  • Most common color: Dark amber with flecks of jade
  • Species: Huso Dauricus/Acipenser Shrenckii
  • Common name: Kaluga Huso hybrid or river beluga


“Sustainable, eco-friendly sturgeon farming
Relying on the purity of fresh water, we developed a 100% eco-friendly farm. Our sturgeon grow in a nearly wild environment, preserving the taste and quality. And the breed is preserved too. We believe in working harmoniously with nature.” – Imperia Caviar


* 30g with accoutrements $120 

* Serves 1-2 

*Additional tin (if available) $100

Caviar FAQ

What accoutrements are served with the caviar?

We serve our caviar with traditional toppings that include toast, crème fraiche, chopped hard boiled egg yolks, egg whites, chives, capers, and shallots.

I'm new to caviar. What's the best way to eat it?

We recommend using toast as the base, spreading a layer of creme fraiche, adding your caviar, and then finishing with desired toppings. Don’t be afraid to ask your server any questions!

What is the texture of caviar like?

In most cases, caviar starts with a delicate but firm texture that transitions to a smooth, creamy, almost butter-like consistency in your mouth. 

What is caviar and why is it so expensive?

Caviar is the combination of unfertilized sturgeon eggs and salt. Its price is directly tied to its rarity, which makes it a delicious delicacy.