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Black Tea Blends

Black tea is a very oxidized tea, so it will produce a dark looking brew with a deep and rich flavor.

All of our black teas pair well with both cream and sugar to taste.

Wheather you prefer a classic black tea, or are looking for something super unique, we have a black tea for you!

  • Caffeine Level 75% 75%

Rooibos (Herbal) Tea Blends

Rooibos tea (also known as red tea) is naturally decaffeinated and produces a smooth, gentle brew with a natural nutty and sweet taste. When brewed for longer, it becomes full-bodied and rich and will never go bitter!

Herbal rooibos teas are perfect for anyone who enjoys bright and flavored teas. It contains several antioxidents, which adds to its health benefits.

All of our red teas are excellent with cream and sugar to taste. 

  • Caffeine Level 0% 0%

White Tea Blends

Our white tea blends are light and delicate, but unlike most white teas, are packed with flavor. White tea is the least processed type of tea, and produces a pale brew with a very low caffeine content.

For guests who prefer floral and fruity teas, our white tea blends are perfect. Our most popular tea is our Dreamcatcher, an herbal and Pai Mu Tan (white tea) and fruit blend.

White tea is best served with sugar, no cream.


  • Caffeine Level 15% 15%

Green Tea Blends

Green tea has a very high caffeine content and produces a light, earthy brew. Barely processed, it has a high level of antioxidants, so many people drink green tea for its health benefits.

Our green teas are best served with sugar or honey, no cream.


  • Caffeine Level 100% 100%