The Ivy Tearoom

Our Tea Selections

*** Yes we sell our tea. Simply call us ahead of time because sometimes our hours can vary. Or call to let us know which day you are thinking of coming in and we will let you know the hours we will be there. ***

Black Tea:

*Assam – Whole leaf black tea. If you like English Breakfast you will LOVE this.

*Ivy Earl Grey – An exquisite bergamot character mellowed with soft hints of vanilla and lavender. The best Earl Grey you will ever have. Yeah, we said it!

*Coconut Dream – A creamy black tea with chocolate complements the coconut flavor beautifully.

*Lady Londonderry – This classic afternoon tea has hints of strawberry and lemon overtones.

*Monk’s Blend – Vanilla and sunflower create a honey-like taste. Great for guests who do not typically enjoy fruity/flavored teas.

*Sparkling Cherry Frost – The taste of cherry cake will excite your taste buds while the eye-catching sparkle delights the eyes.

Green Tea:

*Purple Jasmine Flower – Green and Purple (yes purple) tea with Jasmine flowers. This tea is for the connoisseur. Warning….we do NOT recommend this tea unless the guest does not enjoy fruity/flavored teas.  

*Banana Walnut – Memories of grandma’s banana nut bread with every sip. Hints of chocolate add depth to this wonderful tea.

White Tea:

* Dream Catcher – A floral and fruity white tea with apple, cherries, coconut, kiwi, and rose. Our most popular tea.

*Ontario Ice Wine – Flavor of sweet grapey and floral notes of ice wine. Non-alcoholic and served hot. Very floral.

Rooibos and Herbal (non-caffeinated):

*Almond Toffee Biscotti – Toasty almond sweet perfection with hints of caramel.

*Cotton Candy – A fun tea for the kid in all of us.

* Lemon Meringue Pie – Citrus and vanilla create this beautiful tea. This tea is bright and creamy, not sour.

*Pina Colada – Pineapple and coconut unite to awaken memories of scenic beaches and dazzling sunsets.

*The Ivy – Raspberry macaroon with hints of rose. Our signature blend. Contains a small amount of caffeine.

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